Business Start Ups

Starting a new business can be a leap into the unknown. You have a fantastic idea; you create a business plan and even sort out a bank account. Your focus is naturally on generating sales, recruiting the right people, and developing the operational side of the business.

With time so precious would not it be helpful not to have to worry about accounts and tax as well? The financial and legal aspects of a business start-up can be daunting, and this is where WNA can help. Our experienced team is here to explain every step of the process and guide you through the maze. Some of the matters we can help you with:
Legal structure – We can advise on the most suitable legal structure for your new business e.g. Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Limited Company.
Business plan – If you do not have one or it is incomplete, we can help. A well written and researched business plan will greatly assist with business finance applications.
Bookkeeping – We will advise you on the best setup for your business and can provide a fully outsourced service, if required.
Registration with HMRC and, where applicable, Companies House.
Record keeping & software – We will advise you on the best accounting software for your needs and ensure that your business systems meet any compliance requirements.